ESCAPEMENT: An Exquisite Tale of Love and Passion

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BIBA and NIEA awards

Be transported into an intoxicating world of beauty and passion by this heart-wrenching and gorgeously-written gem.

Set in the turbulent Romantic era and spun by the perceptive yet unusual housekeeper of a brilliant composer, the tale reveals the agonies and joy of artistry, love affairs, obsessions, and the gaping wounds wrought by secrets. Brimming with intrigue and unforgettable characters, ESCAPEMENT delivers a breathtaking tribute to the redemptive power of human creativity and the enduring light cast by our deepest desires.

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Henri, a tomboyish and musically-gifted street urchin living in Europe’s turbulent Romantic era, dreams of composing music for the ages but, being female, is denied this path. Years later, the talented Henri, who openly dons men’s clothing and courts women, has settled into the role of housekeeper for Cristofer, an up-and-coming but penniless composer. In exchange for room and board Henri secretly lends her musical gifts to Cristofer’s efforts.

The pair lives peacefully with their arrangement until Jacque, a powerful and ruthless patron, comes to town and offers to pay Cristofer handsomely for a new symphony. When Cristofer struggles to produce the work, Henri steps in and composes a masterpiece. Brimming with secrets, betrayal, genius, unforgettable characters and exhilarating music, ESCAPEMENT explores the perils and triumphs of lovers and artists, speaking directly to the passions inside us all.

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