“…hauntingly beautiful… a testament to the artistic spirit… It will resonate with anyone who has ever felt passion.”

“Wolf is a masterful storyteller who has created an enchanting novel. ESCAPEMENT is a symphony of words, marked by lyrical phrases and exquisite rhythm. It will resonate with anyone who has ever felt passion. ”

Set in the turbulent Romantic era, ESCAPEMENT is an arousing, through-the-keyhole glimpse into the private torment and ecstasy of creative genius.

Cristofer Vaughn’s star is poised to rise. Everyone expects the dashing and gifted composer to claim the mantle of that foremost virtuoso—Beethoven—an expectation that terrifies the young artist as much as it drives him.

Walking into the fire with Cristofer is his housekeeper, Henri, a handsome and elusive young woman who takes pleasure in dressing as a man. Possessed herself of considerable talent, and a disturbing past, she faithfully guides her employer through the trials of artistic endeavor—while guarding his most closely-held secret.

But the pair’s loyalty is threatened when a wealthy and ruthless patron grants Cristofer the commission of a lifetime, then unwittingly hires Henri—whom he believes to be male—to give piano lessons to his alluring wife.

The resulting entanglements rise to a dangerous pitch as Cristofer struggles desperately to conjure music while Henri is ignited by a passionate but illicit love affair. Soon the only hope for either friend’s survival depends on one publicly exposing the other’s hidden truth. A decision that will defy the bonds of art and friendship—and irrevocably transform all their lives—forever.

Written with extraordinary beauty and populated with unforgettable characters, this lush and cinematic tale is as poignant as it is seductive.

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