Choose Wonder.


logo@2xWonderchews is a collection of soul candy for all who choose wonder

About the Project

When Kristen began a period of intensive research for her current project — a speculative saga of sweeping proportions that adds a twist to the origin of Life — she found herself filling notebook uponnotebook with provocative vignettes from the fields of biology, cosmology, theoretical physics, poetry, philosophy, evolutionary science and so on.

And while many of these startling concepts began to morph into the plots and characters of her story, she became dismayed to realize how much of the material would not make it into the finished work.

Thinking it a shame to waste this curated collection of fascinations, and realizing that most authors rarely provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their research and inspirations, she sought to find a way in which she could share her treasure trove with others who would relish it.

It was then she hit upon the idea of Wonderchews.