A Novel


ESCAPEMENT is a sensual, lyrical, and arousing through-the-keyhole glimpse into the private torment and ecstacy of creative genius.

About the Book

Spun by the housekeeper and confidant of a daring and dashing composer, the tale delves into love triangles, obsessions, secret lives, divergent sexualities, and the relentless pursuit of beauty as great artists struggle to approach and possess that which inspires them.

Set in the Romantic era, one of music’s most turbulent and passionate times, we find the star of Cristofer Vaughn poised to rise. Having gained the ardent support of famed musician, Richard Thorne, the public now expects the gifted twenty-year-old to claim the mantle of that foremost genius, Beethoven—an expectation that terrifies the young artist as much as it drives him. Preventing him from ascending to his rightful place, however, are two obstacles: first, a crushing self-doubt and second, an overpowering desire for Clara, a renowned pianist who, unfortunately, is Richard’s wife.

Walking into the fire with Cristofer is his housekeeper and confidant, Henri, a handsome and impassioned young woman who often takes pleasure in dressing as a man. Possessed herself of an artistic bent—and a deeply-held secret—Henri expertly navigates her liege through the treachery of his obstacles. But when Richard commissions Cristofer to write a concerto for Clara, and Henri falls desperately in love with the alluring wife of the patron who will financially support the endeavor, things began to spin out of control.

The resulting entanglements only become more dangerous when: Cristofer’s ambitious patron hires Henri to serve as his wife’s (male) piano instructor; a tormented Richard attempts suicide; and Clara hints that she’s discovered Henri’s closely-guarded secret, one that, if revealed, has the power to bring all their lives and reputations crashing down.

Written with extraordinary beauty and populated with unforgettable characters, this lush and sensual blending of fact and fantasy will utterly seduce the reader. Those who enjoy the skillfully-crafted and passionately imagined works of Jeffrey Eugenides, Muriel Barbery, and Jeanette Winterson will eat ESCAPEMENT with a spoon. And those who are new to author Kristen Wolf’s imagination, are in for a sexy and thought-provoking treat.


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